Vicki changed the way I thought about dating and relationships. I realised that it all started with me - that I had to understand and love myself first. With her help not only did dating became more fun (and successful), but so did life in general. I am happier, more open, more engaged and really looking forward to what lies ahead.
— Shonagh, London
7 years of single life ended in a month and a half. I mainly wanted to write to say thank you Vicki. I really feel you have helped me so much. I’ve been sleeping better, being more in the present moment, moving out of my comfort zone and actively dealing with worries using the techniques you’ve taught me. I’ve loved being a part of Project Love this year. I’m hugely grateful for your time and kindness
— Katy, London
My time with Vicki has been the most valuable and positive step I have ever made in my personal life. It has helped to completely transform my outlook and approach to love and relationships, along with my overall lifestyle too. She helped me to put the negative thoughts I had about my past to one side and to focus on the future, she also helped me to see that the first person I must love is myself!

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that at the end of my three month coaching I met a man I can picture spending the rest of my life with. He has told me recently that the quality he is most drawn to in me is my emotional intelligence and balance. This is all down to Vicki - thank you so much!
— Kate Shepherd
I can honestly say the work I’ve done with Vicki has been life changing. When I first went to see her, I was pretty damaged. I’d just come out of a bad relationship and self esteem was low. I was exhausted from relationships, thought I would never find true love and had no idea who I was anymore. Over the next 3 months, she listened to me, understood me and taught me how to love myself. She taught me how to enjoy my own company, become more grounded and be at peace with being single. She delved into my past, helped me confront issues I carried from previously relationships and worked out ways I could go into future relationships stronger and with boundaries.

Most surprisingly and importantly, she opened my eyes to the types of people I was interested in and showed me how I could go ‘off-piste’ and give guys that were traditionally not my type a chance. And now, 3 months later, I’ve not only met the man of my dreams, but I’m a stronger, calmer and happier person all round. My time with her has had such an affect on me that I’ve decided to go into coaching myself to help other people the way she’s helped me.

I can’t recommend Vicki highly enough. Her work is actual magic
— Lauren, London
They say ‘timing is everything’ and my experience with Project Love is certainly a testimony to that. I was at a point in my life where I was completely ready and willing to do some difficult thinking around why my love life had never really worked out, (yet all other areas of my life had). Working with Vicki, she supported and encouraged me to challenge myself to open up to being vulnerable and to find ways of letting go of past hurts that were keeping me stuck in a “you’re not good enough” soundtrack. I came out of the 3 month programme confidently equipped with new ways of thinking and reflecting and also having learnt so much more about myself! I am so pleased to have made the decision to complete this programme with Vicki and would recommend anyone to do the same. If you feel stuck and are genuinely ready and willing to work on changing this, then your timing will be right also...... I wish you all the insight, confidence and positivity that the programme gave to me
— Lisa, London
Thanks to Project Love, I fell in love.

We had always liked each other, but I never really took the time to do anything about it. With Vicki’s guidance and support, I decided to go for it. It started off slowly with some compliments and a few kind words. After an initial hesitant and a somewhat uncomfortable first date, more dates followed; coffee, theatre, an afternoon wandering around galleries. Over the course of six sessions, I fell in love, I fell in love with me! Vicki, armed with a magical bag of tricks, tools and exercises helped me realise that it was important for me to love me, nourish my body, be a true friend to myself, speak with kindness, practice mindfulness, visualise what I wanted from a relationship and life, have some fun, woo and date myself.

My experience with Project Love has left me positively glowing and what a difference it has already made to my existing relationships and to the type of people I have noticed I am now attracting into my life. Oh, if only I had known about this years ago!”

Update (Oct 2016):

”The work that you do is nothing short of amazing and the skills you teach, life changing ;)
Since Project Love, I met someone and its quite possibly the healthiest relationship I have had which surely is reflective of the relationship I now have with myself. Interestingly, a comment made, was that, me knowing my own self worth, is one of the things that he is most attracted to.
So a massive thank you to you for helping me to discover it & three cheers to Project Love!
— Tracey, London
When I started the sessions with Vicky I was not in a good place. I was trying - and failing - to get over the break-up of an emotionally abusive relationship that had left my self esteem (and me actually) in tatters. I was in a mess and I really didn’t believe I could be ‘fixed’.

Project Love changed my life. I can’t really explain how it happened or what Vicky did but over the course of the six sessions and through the communication between each session, I came to feel not just better about the break-up but ‘better’ and happier in myself than I think I ever have done. People tell you all the time that you need to love yourself before anyone else will, but no one seems able to explain how to do that. That’s what Vicky has taught me. She taught me how to truly love myself and how to be happy again.

I cannot imagine now making some of the choices about relationships and my love life that I have done in the past and that’s because of Project Love. I now see how damaging some of those choices were to me and there is no way now I’d make them again.

I started Project Love to get over my heart-break and to find some clarity about the choices I’d made in that relationship and others. But Vicky not only helped heal my broken heart, she taught me a happiness in myself that I didn’t even know was missing or possible.

I was quite skeptical before I started Project Love - I wasn’t sure it would work and it is very expensive. In fact I almost didn’t do it because of the cost. Now I’d pay double that if I had to. So I would advise you - if you’re reading this - to find the money, do it. I can’t tell you that you’ll immediately find an amazing partner as soon as you do it - although maybe you will! - but I can tell you that you’ll find such a joy in yourself that you’ll never settle for the wrong person again
— Jayne, London
When I decided to join the 3 month coaching programme I was at a time in my life where I felt like I was stuck in a relationship rut (repeating the same mistakes over and over) and believed all men were just a huge disappointment. While I had just starting seeing someone at the time I was full of anxiety and fear. Over the course of 3 months Vicki really listened to me and gave me a set of tools and strategies to break the relationship patterns and along the course I realised that I am important and that I do matter, while this sounds very simple I had always put boyfriends’ needs first above my own. I have learnt so much from Vicki and cannot express how grateful I am. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, I have much more clarity now and feel so much happier in myself! Thank you x
— Clara, London
The individual coaching programme gave me a safe space to explore my feelings about love, life and relationships. It empowered me to create a positive vision for the future and I feel lighter and more confident. I wholeheartedly recommend it :-)
— Emma
My Project Love experience was incredible for so many reasons, but two in particular stand out. One was Vicki’s fantastic positivity and enthusiasm. She was a beaming ray of sunshine who I so looked forward to talking to every fortnight and her positive attitude and motivation were inspirational. I couldn’t but feel encouraged in her company and she really helped to change my attitude about love from lack to abundance. The other was Vicki’s exceptional coaching skills, which meant our sessions weren’t just feel good experiences, but also great opportunities to learn more about myself, my relationship with love, and the importance of self love particularly. I learned far more from Vicki’s focused coaching in the few sessions and time we had than all the previous experiences of coaching and therapy I’d had over the years. Project Love, with Vicki’s help, has started me on an exciting adventure, and opened me up to so much more knowledge and experiences. It’s ignited a real desire to learn more and I look forward to continuing this journey of self discovery and love
— Helen, Ireland
BIG THANK you for everything Vicki, it’s been such a pleasure spending time with you. I gained a lot from the programme, especially so from gaining further insights and clarity about who I am and how I want to conduct my life :)
— Ruth, London
Thank you so much for this email and for the session we had last week. I hoped it would be useful, but it was amazing and exceeded all my expectations, you are a great coach!
— Ana, London
The tapping exercise is working like a charm. I am feeling more grounded, happy and soft each time I do the exercise. It feels like I am more in control now. That nasty fog of low energy is disappearing! So, my wonderful Vicki, a big bow to you and a huge thanks for the wonderful and effective session.
— Eef Bos, The Netherlands
Vicki has made a major impact on my self esteem and confidence since I met her. Compared to other therapies I’ve taken, I didn’t need many sessions with her to feel the positive benefits. She quickly zoned in and focused on how my mind works and used techniques that really have stayed with me, at which I can turn to when needed. She is warm, approachable and positive throughout. She was also the first therapist I’ve met that I felt understood my social situation and pressures. It was extremely easy to open up to her, and I felt she understood my issues, helping me to get through them and give me tools to deal with them in a better way on my own going forward.
— Monica Rose Durden, London
I was on the plane to India when I emailed Vicki about Love Coaching. I may have been on my way to some swanky retreat in a far flung land, but I was at my lowest ebb. During the previous 10 months I had lost my job, my boyfriend and I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say I was very close to losing my sanity. But the one thing I mourned most was losing my sense of self. And Vicki helped me find it again. I contacted Vicky because I was in a bad way, I couldn’t get over losing my partner, I thought I’d never find love again. I was totally bereft.

The sessions with Vicki felt like a mix of talking therapy with some practical, holistic coaching. I was upset, but she didn’t let me wallow in my misery; she was supportive but didn’t spout off about how much of a bastard my ex was and how I should pull myself together. It was like talking to a wise older sister.

Little by little I began to find myself again and even more importantly I began to love myself again. I had spent so long focussing on what I lost, I had to be made to see everything I had, and everything I was capable of. One of the biggest things I got from our sessions was this idea that you can build a life you love and fill it with happiness and joy yourself. Everyone tells you that you’re in charge of your own life, but Vicki gave me the practical steps to put this into action.

It’s less than a year since I stopped seeing Vicki and I practise the philosophies of Project Love daily. I’m in a serious and committed relationship but more importantly I am happy within myself.
— Fong, London
I came to Vicki confused and anxious about an existing relationship - concerned that I was making do with what felt ‘comfortable’, rather than following my heart. It’s always hard to have these types of conversations and admit to anyone, let alone a stranger, that your current relationship isn’t working, or that you’re having issues with your love life. Vicki however made me feel completely at ease, understanding exactly where I was coming from. The sessions we had were invaluable and they helped me to put everything in perspective. We carried out exercises that enabled me to observe my relationship from varying angles, identifying what may or may not be working and what I needed to do on a personal level to feel happier. She also left me with brilliant tips and homework to carry out, all of which brought me to a more contented place, equipped to make more confident decisions about my love life. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
— Anon
Vicki helped me in more ways than she’ll know. She really listened to me, didn’t judge me, and most importantly - didn’t patronise me. Instead, she taught me that it’s okay to let your guard down, and that you really do have to learn to love and accept yourself before others will love you too. And that’s what Project Love is all about - no gimmicks, no games - just bringing it back to basics. Her advice and one-to-one tuition really helped me to relax and be more open - and was a major factor in me walking into a relationship. It also helped my self esteem in other areas of my life, where a bout of work-related anxiety and loss of confidence had left me feeling really lost. Congratulations ladies on creating a fantastic, useful resource for women - it’s long overdue.
— Rebecca, Kent